taskgraph.loader package


taskgraph.loader.build_signing module

taskgraph.loader.build_signing.loader(kind, path, config, params, loaded_tasks)

taskgraph.loader.push_apk module

taskgraph.loader.push_apk.get_dependent_loaded_tasks(config, loaded_tasks)
taskgraph.loader.push_apk.loader(kind, path, config, params, loaded_tasks)

Generate inputs implementing PushApk jobs. These depend on signed multi-locales nightly builds.

taskgraph.loader.single_dep module

taskgraph.loader.single_dep.loader(kind, path, config, params, loaded_tasks)

Load tasks based on the jobs dependant kinds.

The only-for-build-platforms kind configuration, if specified, will limit the build platforms for which a job will be created. Alternatively there is ‘not-for-build-platforms’ kind configuration which will be consulted only after ‘only-for-build-platforms’ is checked (if present), and omit any jobs where the build platform matches.

Optional only-for-attributes kind configuration, if specified, will limit the jobs chosen to ones which have the specified attribute, with the specified value.

Optional job-template kind configuration value, if specified, will be used to pass configuration down to the specified transforms used.

taskgraph.loader.test module

taskgraph.loader.test.expand_tests(test_sets_cfg, test_platforms)

Expand the test sets in test_platforms out to sets of test names. Returns a dictionary like get_test_platforms, with an additional test-names key for each test platform, containing a set of test names.

taskgraph.loader.test.get_builds_by_platform(dep_kind, loaded_tasks)

Find the build tasks on which tests will depend, keyed by platform/type. Returns a dictionary mapping build platform to task.

taskgraph.loader.test.get_test_platforms(test_platforms_cfg, builds_by_platform, signed_builds_by_platform={})

Get the test platforms for which test tasks should be generated, based on the available build platforms. Returns a dictionary mapping test platform to {test-set, build-platform, build-label}.

taskgraph.loader.test.loader(kind, path, config, params, loaded_tasks)

Generate tasks implementing Gecko tests.

taskgraph.loader.transform module

taskgraph.loader.transform.loader(kind, path, config, params, loaded_tasks)

Get the input elements that will be transformed into tasks in a generic way. The elements themselves are free-form, and become the input to the first transform.

By default, this reads jobs from the jobs key, or from yaml files named by jobs-from. The entities are read from mappings, and the keys to those mappings are added in the name key of each entity.

If there is a job-defaults config, then every job is merged with it. This provides a simple way to set default values for all jobs of a kind. The job-defaults key can also be specified in a yaml file pointed to by jobs-from. In this case it will only apply to tasks defined in the same file.

Other kind implementations can use a different loader function to produce inputs and hand them to transform_inputs.

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