cert module


class CertificateOverrideManager()

TLS certificate service override management for Marionette.


Installs a TLS certificate service override.

The provided service must implement the register and unregister functions that causes a new nsICertOverrideService interface implementation to be registered with the nsIComponentRegistrar.

After service is registered, nsICertOverrideService is reinitialised to cause all Gecko components to pick up the new service.

If an override is already installed this functions acts as a no-op.

  • service (cert.Override) – Service generator that registers and unregisters the XPCOM service.

Components.Exception – If unable to register or initialise service.


Uninstall a TLS certificate service override.

If there is no current override installed this function acts as a no-op.


class InsecureSweepingOverride()

Certificate override service that acts in an all-inclusive manner on TLS certificates.

Throws:Components.Exception – If there are any problems registering the service.