Simple CFR Template

The “Simple CFR Template” is a two-stage UI (a chiclet notification and a door-hanger) that shows up on a configurable trigger condition, such as when the user visits a particular web page.

Warning! Before reading, you should consider whether a Messaging Experiment is relevant for your needs.

Simple CFR Template 2 stage

Doorhanger Configuration

Stage 1 – Chiclet

  • chiclet_label: The text that shows up in the chiclet. 20 characters max.

  • chiclet_color: The background color of the chiclet as a HEX code.

Stage 2 – Door-hanger

  • title: Title text at the top of the door hanger.

  • body: A longer paragraph of text.

  • icon: An image (please provide a URL or the image file up to 96x96px).

  • primary_button_label: The label of the button.

  • primary_button_action: The special action triggered by clicking on the button. Choose any of the available button actions. Common examples include opening a section of about:preferences, or opening a URL.