One-line description of what the function does (more than just what it returns).


#include <headers.h>
ReturnType Function_Name(

    ParamType        ParamName,
    ParamType        ParamName,          );



Sample: in pointer to a CERTCertDBHandle representing the certificate database to look in


Sample: in pointer to an SECItem whose type must be siDERCertBuffer and whose data contains a DER-encoded certificate


Long description of this function, what it does, and why you would use it. Describe all side-effects on “out” parameters. Avoid describing the return until the next section, for example:

This function looks in the NSSCryptoContext and the NSSTrustDomain to find the certificate that matches the DER-encoded certificate. A match is found when the issuer and serial number of the DER-encoded certificate are found on a certificate in the certificate database.


Full description of the return value, for example:

A pointer to a CERTCertificate representing the certificate in the database that matched the derCert, or NULL if none was found. The certificate is a shallow copy, use CERT_DestroyCertificate to decrement the reference count on the certificate instance.

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