Build instructions for JSS 4.3.x

Build Instructions for JSS 4.3.x


Before building JSS, you need to set up your system as follows:

  1. Build NSPR/NSS by following the Build instructions,

  2. To check that NSS built correctly, run (in mozilla/security/nss/tests) and examine the results (in mozilla/test_results/security/computername.#/results.html.

  3. Install a Java compiler and runtime. JSS supports Java version 1.5 or later. We suggest you use the latest.

  4. You must have Perl version 5.005 or later.

Now you are ready to build JSS. Follow these steps:

  1. Switch to the appropriate directory and check out JSS from the root of your source tree.

    cvs co -r JSS_4_3_1_RTM mozilla/security/jss


    cvs co -r JSS_4_3_RTM mozilla/security/jss
  2. Setup environment variables needed for compiling Java source. The JAVA_HOME variable indicates the directory containing your Java SDK installation. Note, on Windows platforms it is best to have JAVA_HOME set to a directory path that doest not have spaces.


    setenv JAVA_HOME /usr/local/jdk1.5.0 (or wherever your JDK is installed)


    set JAVA_HOME=c:\programs\jdk1.5.0 (or wherever your JDK is installed)

    Windows (Cygnus)

    JAVA_HOME=/cygdrive/c/programs/jdk1.5.0 (or wherever your JDK is installed)
    export JAVA_HOME
    Windows build Configurations WINNT vs WIN95
    As of NSS 3.15.4, NSPR/NSS/JSS build generates a "WIN95" configuration by default on Windows.
    We recommend most applications use the "WIN95" configuration. If you want JSS to be used
    with your applet and the Firefox browser than you must build WIN95. (See JSS FAQ)
    The "WIN95" configuration supports all versions of Windows. The "WIN95" name is historical;
    it should have been named "WIN32".
    To generate a "WINNT" configuration, set OS_TARGET=WINNT and build NSPR/NSS/JSS WIN95.
    Mac OS X
    It has been recently reported that special build instructions are necessary to succeed building JSS on OSX. Please see HOWTO_successfully_compile_JSS_and_NSS_for_32_and_64_bits_on_OSX_10.6_(10.6.7) for contributed instructions.

  3. Build JSS.

    cd mozilla/security/jss
  4. Sign the JSS jar.

    If you're intention is to modify and build the JSS source you
    need to Apply for your own  JCE code-signing certificate
    If you made no changes and your goal is to build JSS you can use the
    signed binary release of the jss4.jar from
    with your built jss4 JNI shared library.

Next, you should read the instructions on using JSS.