New Feature Triage

Identifying Feature Requests

Bugs which request new features or enhancements should be of type=enhancement.

Older bugs may also be feature requests if some or all of the following are true:

  • Bugs with feature or similar in whiteboard or short description

  • [RFE] in whiteboard, short description, or description

  • Bugs not explicitly marked as a feature request, but appear to be feature requests

  • Bugs marked with feature keyword

Initial Triage

Staff, contractors, and other contributors looking at new bugs in Firefox::Untriaged and ::General components should consider if a bug, if not marked as a feature request, should be one, and if so:

  • Update the bug’s type to enhancement

  • Determine which product and component the bug belongs to and update it or

    • Use needinfo to ask a component’s triage owner or a module’s owner where the request should go

Product Manager Triage

  • The product manager for the component reviews bugs of type enhancement

    • This review should be done a least weekly

  • Reassigns to another Product::Component if necessary or

  • Determines next steps

    • Close bug as RESOLVED WONTFIX with comment as to why and thanking submitter

    • If bug is similar enough to work in roadmap, close bug as RESOLVED DUPLICATE of the feature bug it is similar to

      • If there’s not a feature bug created already, then consider making this bug the feature bug

        • Set type to enhancement

    • Set bug to P5 priority with comment thanking submitter, and explaining that the request will be considered for future roadmaps