Shared Bug Queues

Reviewers for change sets can be suggested at the product and component level, but only the person who has been asked to review code will be notified.

Realizing that Bugzilla users can watch other users, Chris Cooper came up with the idea of having a shared reviews alias for review requests.

If you want to watch a particular part of the tree in Mozilla Central, then use the Herald tool.


  1. Create a new account for an address which can receive mail. Use the name+extension@domain.tld trick such as to create a unique address

  2. Respond to the email sent by Bugzilla and set a password on the account

  3. Open a bug to convert the account to a bot and make it the shared review queue for your component

  4. BMO administrator updates the email address of the new account to the @mozilla.bugs address

  5. BMO administrator updates the default reviewer for the component requested and sets it to the shared review account

  6. Reviewers follow the shared review account in bugzilla

  7. Reviewers get notified when shared review account is r?ed