Sprint Process

Focus follows a 2-week sprint cycle with 6-week milestone releases. Dot-releases with bugfixes are released every two weeks. Our upcoming train schedule is here.

Issue naming and labels


Priority labels are based on the Bugzilla triage process and set during triage to determine when they’ll be worked on:

Other labels:

  • addressed: Label for excluding items from triage. Should be used for [meta] items.

Issue Prefixes

  • [meta]: larger issues that need to be broken down, into a [breakdown] issue and issues for its smaller parts. This should include a checklist of all the issues (including the [breakdown] issue).

    These do NOT get a P* label, but should be in a milestone.

  • [breakdown]: issue to track the work of breaking down a larger bug

Triage - Weekly

  • (Link) Assign priority labels (P1, P2, …) to bugs without priority labels or the addressed label

  • (Link) Ensure all P1 labels are assigned a milestone

  • (Link) Ensure all P2 labels are assigned a milestone

Weekly Bug management (alternating)

Sprint planning

Deciding what goes into a sprint, promote P2 issues to P1. After every release, this meeting is for deciding what goes into the upcoming milestone - add issues to the milestone and set them as P2.

Backlog grooming

Handling Triage overflow, adding to the contributor bug lists, looking at milestone lists.

Monthly Roadmap Planning

Plan and prioritize features for upcoming milestones - an update will be emailed out.

Plan and facilitate workweeks release schedule trying to work with things without proper training too much observing