Neqo Triage Guideline

Neqo has p1, p2, and p3 labels that correspond to the following Bugzilla labels:

  • p1 - the issue should be fixed as soon as possible because it is a defect or a fix has been planned for a project.

    • This is P1 and P2 in Bugzilla.

  • p2 - the issue should be fixed but they are not critical, an issue can be in this state for a longer time.

    • This is P3 in Bugzilla

  • p3 - we are not planning to fix the issue.

    • This contains 2 sets of issues:

      • we would take a fix if someone wants to work on it or

      • we may not want to fix the issue at all at this time

    • This is P5 in Bugzilla