Enters the lock associated with a cached monitor.


#include <prcmon.h>

PRMonitor* PR_CEnterMonitor(void *address);


The function has the following parameter:


A reference to the data that is to be protected by the monitor. This reference must remain valid as long as there are monitoring operations being performed.


The function returns one of the following values:

  • If successful, the function returns a pointer to the PRMonitor associated with the value specified in the address parameter.

  • If unsuccessful (the monitor cache needs to be expanded and the system is out of memory), the function returns NULL.


PR_CEnterMonitor uses the value specified in the address parameter to find a monitor in the monitor cache, then enters the lock associated with the monitor. If no match is found, an available monitor is associated with the address and the monitor’s entry count is incremented (so it has a value of one). If a match is found, then either the calling thread is already in the monitor (and this is a reentrant call) or another thread is holding the monitor’s mutex. In the former case, the entry count is simply incremented and the function returns. In the latter case, the calling thread is likely to find the monitor locked by another thread and waits for that thread to exit before continuing.


Note: PR_CEnterMonitor and PR_CExitMonitor must be paired–that is, there must be an exit for every entry–or the object will never become available for any other thread.