PR_FindSymbol() will return an untyped reference to a symbol in a particular library given the identity of the library and a textual representation of the symbol in question.


#include <prlink.h>

void* PR_FindSymbol (
   PRLibrary *lib,
   const char *name);


The function has these parameters:


A valid reference to a loaded library, as returned by PR_LoadLibrary, or NULL.


A textual representation of the symbol to resolve.


An untyped pointer.


This function finds and returns an untyped reference to the specified symbol in the specified library. If the lib parameter is NULL, all libraries known to the runtime and the main program are searched in an unspecified order.

Use this function to look up functions or data symbols in a shared library. Getting a pointer to a symbol in a library does indicate that the library is available when the search was made. The runtime does nothing to ensure the continued validity of the symbol. If the library is unloaded, for instance, the results of any PR_FindSymbol calls become invalid as well.