Constructs a full library path name.


#include <prlink.h>

char* PR_GetLibraryName (
   const char *dir,
   const char *lib);


The function has these parameters:


A NULL-terminated string representing the path name of the library, as returned by PR_GetLibraryPath.


The leaf name of the library of interest.


If successful, returns a new character string containing a constructed path name. In case of error, returns NULL.


This function constructs a full path name from the specified directory name and library name. The constructed path name refers to the actual dynamically loaded library. It is suitable for use in the PR_LoadLibrary call.

This function does not test for existence of the specified file, it just constructs the full filename. The way the name is constructed is system dependent.

If sufficient storage cannot be allocated to contain the constructed path name, the function returns NULL. Storage for the result is allocated by the runtime and becomes the responsibility of the caller. When it is no longer used, free it using PR_FreeLibraryName.