gecko_taskgraph.loader package


gecko_taskgraph.loader.test module

gecko_taskgraph.loader.test.expand_tests(test_sets_cfg, test_platforms)

Expand the test sets in test_platforms out to sets of test names. Returns a dictionary like get_test_platforms, with an additional test-names key for each test platform, containing a set of test names.

gecko_taskgraph.loader.test.get_builds_by_platform(dep_kind, loaded_tasks)

Find the build tasks on which tests will depend, keyed by platform/type. Returns a dictionary mapping build platform to task.

gecko_taskgraph.loader.test.get_test_platforms(test_platforms_cfg, builds_by_platform, signed_builds_by_platform={})

Get the test platforms for which test tasks should be generated, based on the available build platforms. Returns a dictionary mapping test platform to {test-set, build-platform, build-label}.

gecko_taskgraph.loader.test.loader(kind, path, config, params, loaded_tasks)

Generate tasks implementing Gecko tests.

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