Bug Types

We organize bugs by type to make it easier to make triage decisions, get the bug to the right person to make a decision, and understand release quality.

  • Defect regression, crash, hang, security vulnerability and any other reported issue

  • Enhancement new feature, improvement in UI, performance, etc. and any other request for user-facing enhancements to the product, not engineering changes

  • Task refactoring, removal, replacement, enabling or disabling of functionality and any other engineering task

All bug types need triage decisions. Engineering triages defects and tasks. Product management triages enhancements.

It’s important to distinguish an enhancement from other types because they use different triage queues.

Distinguishing between defects and tasks is important because we want to understand code quality and reduce the number of defects we introduce as we work on new features and fix existing defects.

When triaging, a task can be as important as a defect. A behind the scenes change to how a thread is handled can affect performance as seen by a user.