Acronym Dictionary

Explanations of common acronyms that are seen in the Fenix project boards and issues.

AC: “Android Components”, the Mozilla team responsible for componentization.

AS: “Application Services”, the Mozilla team responsible for sync and storage (logins, bookmarks, etc).

CFR: “Contextual feature recommendation”, i.e. popup windows.

CTA: “Call to action”, a marketing/product term for things that pop up and ask for user interaction.

ETP: “Enhanced tracking protection”. The shield icon.

PWA: “Progressive web application”, Fenix can act as a host for these applications.

FCM: “Firebase Cloud Messaging”, is the Firebase service used to deliver WebPush messaging to web apps and Firefox Send Tab, to Android devices that have Google Play Services.

PTR: “Pull-to-refresh”, is the feature to refresh the website the user is currently on when pulling down from the top of the page.