Release Checklist


Firefox for Android roughly follows the Firefox Gecko release schedule. This means we cut a Beta every 4 weeks, with a full cycle (~4 weeks) of baking on Beta before going to Production release.

The Firefox for Android release schedule contains more details related to specific Mobile handoffs.


  • JIRA access

  • Bugzilla account

  • Sentry access

Firefox for Android Release

There are two releases this covers: the current changes in the Fenix Nightly channel that is going out to Beta, and the current Beta that is going to Production.

Cutting a Beta

  • [ ] Review FeatureFlags to determine if there are features that need to be enabled (or disabled) for Beta and Production release of Fenix. This will be a discussion with PO, PMs, EMs.

  • [ ] Make a new Beta: Follow instructions here and notify the Release Management team (slack: #releaseduty-mobile). QA team is notified that a Beta release has been captured and they will run tests for Beta release sign-off

  • [ ] Once there is GREEN QA signoff, the Release Management team (slack: #releaseduty-mobile) pushes the Beta version in the Google Play Console

  • [ ] Check Sentry each day for issues on Firefox Beta and if nothing concerning, Release Management team bumps releases to 25%. Subsequent Beta builds are bumped to 100% assuming no blocking issues arise.

Bugfix uplifts / Beta Product Integrity

  • [ ] If bugs are considered release blocker then find someone to fix them on main and the milestone branch (cherry-pick / uplift)

    • [ ] Add the uplift request to the appropriate row in the Uplifts document. Ask for approval of uplift from Release Owner amedyne and then notify Release Management team (slack: #releaseduty-mobile) of the uplift changes

  • Note: Beta release versions are captured at least once a week during the Beta cycle.

Production Release Candidate

  • Production Release Candidate is captured on the third week of Beta by the Release Management team (slack: #releaseduty-mobile). This is then sent to Quality Assurance for Production Release Testing Sign-off.

Production Release

  • [ ] Once there is GREEN QA signoff, the Production Release Candidate is pushed to the Alpha testing track in Google Play Console by the Release Management team (slack: #releaseduty-mobile)

  • [ ] If nothing is concerning, release management officially tags the Release Candidate as Production release, (usually 1 week after 1st Release Candidate)

  • [ ] Check Sentry for new crashes. Follow instructions for Crash Monitoring. File issues and triage.

  • [ ] If nothing concerning, release management bumps releases(5%, 25%, 100%)