mozgeckoprofiler.rst — Gecko Profiler utilities

This module contains various utilities to work with the Firefox Profiler, Gecko’s built-in performance profiler. Gecko itself records the profiles, and can dump them out to file once the browser shuts down. This package takes those files, symbolicates them (turns raw memory addresses into function or symbol names), and provides utilities like opening up a locally stored profile in the Firefox Profiler interface. This is done by serving the profiles locally, and opening a custom url in

mozgeckoprofiler.rst — File origins in mozgeckoprofiler

The symbolication files were originally imported from the following repos, with permission from their respective authors. However, since then the code has been updated for usage within mozbase.

The dump_syms_mac binary was copied from the objdir of a Firefox build on Mac. It’s a byproduct of the regular Firefox build process and gets generated in objdir/dist/host/bin/.