Configuring Try

Getting Level 1 Commit Access

In order to push to try, Level 1 Commit Access is required. Please see Becoming a Mozilla Committer for more information on how to obtain this.

Configuring Version Control

After you have level 1 access, you’ll need to do a little bit of setup before you can push. Both hg and git are supported, move on to the appropriate section below.

Configuring Try with Mercurial

The recommended way to push to try is via the mach try command. This requires the push-to-try extension which can be installed by running:

$ mach vcs-setup

You should also enable the firefoxtree extension which will provide a handy try path alias. You can also create this alias manually by adding

[paths] try = ssh://

This is only necessary if not using firefoxtree.

Configuring Try with Git Cinnabar

The recommended way to use try with git is with git cinnabar, which can be installed by running:

$ mach vcs-setup --git

Configuring Try with Vanilla Git

This workflow isn’t well supported, but is possible using moz-git-tools, and specifically the git push-to-try command.