Crash Manager

The Crash Manager is a service and interface for managing crash data within the Gecko application.

From JavaScript, the service can be accessed via:

let crashManager = Services.crashmanager;

That will give you an instance of CrashManager from CrashManager.sys.mjs. From there, you can access and manipulate crash data.

The crash manager stores statistical information about crashes as well as detailed information for both browser and content crashes. The crash manager automatically detects new browser crashes at startup by scanning for Crash Events. Content process crash information on the other hand is provided externally.

Crash Pings

The Crash Manager is responsible for sending crash pings when a crash occurs or when a crash event is found. Crash pings are sent using Telemetry pings.


Crash pings are being migrated to use Glean pings, however until information parity is reached, the Telemetry pings will still be sent. The Glean crash ping can be found here.

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