CondProf Addons

CondProf Addons is a linter for condprof customization JSON files (see testing/condprofile/condprof/customization), it reports linting errors if:

Run Locally

The mozlint integration of condprof-addons can be run using mach:

$ mach lint --linter condprof-addons <file paths>

Alternatively, if the --linter condprof-addons is omitted, the condprof-addons will still be selected automatically if any of the files paths passed explicitly is detected to be part of the condprof customization directory.

The condprof-addons will also be running automatically on mach lint --outgoing if there are customization files changes detected in the outgoing patches.

Run on Taskcluster

The condprof-addons job shows up as misc(condprof-addons) in the linting job. It should run automatically if changes are made to condprof customization JSON files.

Fix reported errors

XPI file is missing from the firefox-addons.tar archive

This linting errors is expected to be reported if the linter detected that a confprof customization file requires an addon but the related xpi filename is not included in the firefox-addons.tar file fetched through the firefox-addons fetch task (see taskcluster/ci/fetch/browsertime.yml).

If the patch or phabricator revision is not meant to be landed, but only used as a temporary patch pushed on try or only applied locally (e.g. to run the tp6/tp6m webextensions perftests with a given third party extension installed to gather some metrics and/or GeckoProfiler data), then it can be safely ignored.

On the contrary, if the patch or phabricator revision is meant to be landed on mozilla-central, the linting error have to be fixed before or along landing the change, either by:

  • removing the addition to the customization file if it wasn’t intended to include that addon to all runs of the tp6/tp6m webextensions perftests

  • updating the firefox-addons fetch task as defined in taskcluster/ci/fetch/browsertime.yml by creating a pull request in the github repository where the asset is stored, and ask a review from a peer of the #webextensions-reviewer and #perftests-reviewers review groups.

firefox-addons taskcluster config ‘add-prefix’ attribute should be set to ‘firefox-addons/’

If this linting error is hit, then the firefox-addons task defined in taskcluster/ci/fetch/browsertime.yml is missing the add-prefix attribute or its value is not set to the expected ‘firefox-addons/’ subdir name.

This is enforced as a linting rule because when the condprof utility is going to build a conditioned profile for which some add-ons xpi files are expected to be sideloaded (see testing/condprofile/condprof/customization.webext.json), to avoid re-downloading the same xpi from a remote urls every time the conditioned profile is built on the build infrastructure (which for tp6/tp6m perftests will happen once per job being executed) condprof is going to look first if the expected xpi file names are already available in $MOZ_FETCHES_DIR/firefox-addons.

firefox-addons taskcluser fetch config section not found

This linting error is hit if the linter does not find the expected firefox-addons task defined in taskcluster/ci/fetch/browsertime.yml or it is missing the expected fetch attribute.


ConfProf Addons does not currently provide any configuration files.