Ignorefile Lint

Ignorefile lint is a linter for .gitignore and .hgignore files, to verify those files have equivalent entries.

Each pattern is roughly compared, ignoring punctuations, to absorb the syntax difference.

Run Locally

The mozlint integration of ignorefile linter can be run using mach:

$ mach lint --linter ignorefile

Special syntax

The following special comment can be used to ignore the pattern in the next line.

# lint-ignore-next-line: git-only
# lint-ignore-next-line: hg-only

The next line exists only in .gitignore. or .hgignore.

# lint-ignore-next-line: syntax-difference

The next line’s pattern needs to be represented differently between .gitignore and .hgignore. This can be used when the .hgignore uses complex pattern which cannot be represented in single pattern in .gitignore.