Getting started

If you are interested in extending data collection by adding new probes have a look at

If you want to work with the telemetry code itself, for example to fix a bug, it is often helpful to start with these steps:

  1. Have a look at about:telemetry to see which data is being collected and sent.

  2. Increase the log level in about:config by setting toolkit.telemetry.log.level to Debug or Trace. This will show telemetry information in the browser console. To enable the browser console follow these instructions.

  3. Run a local telemetry receiver, e.g. this one and set toolkit.telemetry.server to “localhost” (Like the next preference this needs a restart.)

  4. Set toolkit.telemetry.send.overrideOfficialCheck = true, otherwise local debug builds will not send telemetry data. (Requires restart.)

More information about the internals can be found here.

Further Reading