Raptor on Mobile projects (Fenix, Reference-Browser)

Add new tests

For mobile projects, Raptor tests are on the following repositories:



Tests are now defined in a similar fashion compared to what exists in mozilla-central. Task definitions are expressed in Yaml:

If you want to test your changes on a PR, before they land, you need to apply a patch like this one: Don’t forget to revert it before merging the patch. Note that the checks will run but the results aren’t currently available on treeherder (bug 1593252 is expected to address this).

On Fenix and Reference-Browser, the raptor revision is tied to the latest nightly of mozilla-central

For more information, please reach out to :mhentges in #cia

Code formatting on Raptor

As Raptor is a Mozilla project we follow the general Python coding style:

black is the tool used to reformat the Python code.