Raptor is a performance-testing framework for running browser pageload and browser benchmark tests. Raptor is cross-browser compatible and is currently running in production on Firefox Desktop, Firefox Android GeckoView, Fenix, Reference Browser, Chromium, and Chrome.

Raptor currently supports three test types: 1) page-load performance tests, 2) standard benchmark-performance tests, and 3) “scenario”-based tests, such as power, CPU, and memory-usage measurements on Android (and desktop?).

Locally, Raptor can be invoked with the following command:

./mach raptor

We’re in the process of migrating away from webextension to browsertime. Currently, raptor supports both of them, but at the end of the migration, the support for webextension will be removed.

Raptor tests

The following documents all testing we have for Raptor.


Standard benchmarks are third-party tests (i.e. Speedometer) that we have integrated into Raptor to run per-commit in our production CI. To update any of these benchmarks, see Updating Benchmark Tests.


Browsertime tests that use a custom pageload test script. These use the pageload type, but may have other intentions.


Tests for page-load performance. The links direct to the actual websites that are being tested.