The following documents all testing we have for Raptor.


Standard benchmarks are third-party tests (i.e. Speedometer) that we have integrated into Raptor to run per-commit in our production CI.


Tests for page-load performance. The links direct to the actual websites that are being tested. (WX: WebExtension, BT: Browsertime, FF: Firefox, CH: Chrome, CU: Chromium)


A set of test pages that are run as live sites instead of recorded versions. These tests are available on all browsers, on all platforms.


Tests that perform a specific action (a scenario), i.e. idle application, idle application in background, etc.


These tests aren’t used in standard testing, they are only used in the Raptor unit tests (they are similar to raptor-tp6 tests though).

The methods for calling the tests can be found in the Raptor wiki page.