Firefox for Mobile Devices¶

We have several different mobile products aimed at different tasks, devices, and audiences:

  • Building Firefox for Android (codename: fenix). Our general-purpose mobile browser is split into several different artifact layers:

  • Firefox for iOS, our general-purpose browser for iOS with desktop sync built-in.

  • Building Firefox Focus, our privacy-focused browser for

  • iOS

  • Android. This browser also uses the android-components library and GeckoView platform, like Firefox for Android

For both Desktop and Mobile development, please bear the following in mind:

  • While you can build Firefox on older hardware it can take quite a bit of time to compile on slower machines. Having at least 8GB of RAM is recommended, and more is always better. The build process is both CPU and I/O intensive, so building on a machine with an SSD is also strongly preferred.

  • Fast broadband internet is strongly recommended as well. Both the development environment and the source code repository are quite large.

  • Though you can build Firefox to run on 32-bit machines, the build process for almost all of our products requires a 64-bit OS.