Getting reviews

Thorough code reviews are one of Mozilla’s ways of ensuring code quality. Every patch must be reviewed by the module owner of the code, or one of their designated peers.

To request a review, you will need to specify a review group (starts with #). If there is not, you should select one or more usernames either when you submit the patch, or afterward in the UI. If you have a mentor, the mentor can usually either also review or find a suitable reviewer on your behalf.

For example, the syntax to request review from a group should be:

Bug xxxx - explain what you are doing and why r?#group-name


Bug xxxx - explain what you are doing and why r?developer-nickname

Getting attention: If a reviewer doesn’t respond within a week, or so of the review request:

  • Contact the reviewer directly (either via e-mail or on Matrix).

  • Join developers on Mozilla’s Matrix server, and ask if anyone knows why a review may be delayed. Please link to the bug too.

  • If the review is still not addressed, mail the reviewer directly, asking if/when they’ll have time to review the patch, or might otherwise be able to review it.

For simple documentation changes, reviews are not required.

For more information about the review process, see the Code Review FAQ.

Review groups





Core: Anti-Tracking

Member list

#build or #firefox-build-system-reviewers

The configure & build system

Member list


Core: Cookies

Member list


User interface CSS

Member list


Firefox DevTools

Member list


DOM Workers & Storage

Member list


Changes to Fluent (FTL) files (translation).

Member list


Documentation files and its build

Member list


User experience (UX)

Member list


SVG-related changes

Member list


Changes to ESLint, Prettier or Stylelint configurations.

Member list


Changes to Fenix, Focus and Android Components.

Member list


Changes to GeckoView

Member list


Changes to Graphics code

Member list


Changes to WebGPU code

Member list


Test manifest changes

Member list


Layout changes.

Member list



Member list


Changes to Mac-specific code

Member list


Changes to Mozbase

Member list


Changes to Mozbase in Rust

Member list


Changes to network code (aka necko, aka netwerk)

Member list


Changes to Network Security Services (NSS)

Member list


Perf Tests

Member list

#permissions or #permissions-reviewers


Member list


Bookmarks & History (Places)

Member list


Platform Internationalization

Member list


Firefox for Desktop Preferences (Options) user interface

Member list


Remote Debugging UI & tools

Member list


Search Reviewers (search parts of Search and Address Bar)

Member list


SpiderMonkey JS/Wasm Engine

Member list


Changes related to Static Analysis

Member list

#style or #firefox-style-system-reviewers

Firefox style system (servo, layout/style).

Member list


Changes to third-party audits and vendoring (cargo-vet, supply_chain).

Member list


System addons maintained by the Web Compatibility team

Member list


Marionette and geckodriver (including MozBase Rust), and Remote Protocol with WebDriver BiDi, and CDP.

Member list


Changes related to WebIDL

Member list


Changes related to XPCOM

Member list


Media playback

Member list


Changes related to cubeb, Gecko’s audio input/output library and associated projects (audioipc, cubeb-rs, rust cubeb backends)

Member list

To create a new group, fill a new bug in Conduit::Administration. See bug 1613306 as example.