Search Engine Configuration

The search engine configuration is a mapping that is used to determine the list of search engines for each user. The mapping is primarily based on the user’s region and locale.

Configuration Management

The configuration is delivered and managed via remote settings. There are dumps of the configuration that are shipped with the application, for use on first startup of a fresh profile, or when a client has not been able to receive remote settings updates for whatever reason.

Remote Settings Bucket

The remote settings bucket for the search engine configuration list is search-config-v2. The version that is currently being delivered to clients can be viewed live. There are additional remote settings buckets with information for each search engine. These buckets are listed below.

Configuration Schema

The configuration format is defined via a JSON schema. The search engine configuration schema is stored in mozilla-central and is uploaded to the Remote Settings server at convenient times after it changes.

An outline of the schemas may be found on the Search Configuration Schema page.