Search Engine Configuration


This configuration is currently under testing for nightly builds only, see Bug 1542235 for more status information.

The search engine configuration is a mapping that is used to determine the list of search engines for each user. The mapping is primarily based on the user’s region and locale.

Configuration Management

The application stores a dump of the configuration that is used for first initialisation. Subsequent updates to the configuration are either updates to the static dump, or they may be served via remote servers.

The mechanism of delivering the settings dumps to the Search Service is Remote Settings

Search Engine WebExtension updates will be delivered by Normandy.

Remote settings

The remote settings bucket for the search engine configuration list is search-config. The version that is currently being delivered to clients can be viewed live.

Configuration Schema

The configuration format is defined via a JSON schema. The search engine configuration schema is stored in mozilla-central and is uploaded to the Remote Settings server at convenient times after it changes.

An outline of the schema may be found on the Search Configuration Schema page.