Again Selector

When you push to try, the computed try_task_config.json is saved in a history file under ~/.mozbuild/srcdirs/<srcdir hash>/history (note: the syntax selector does not use try_task_config.json yet so does not save any history). You can then use the again selector to re-push any of your previously generated task configs.

In the simple case, you can re-run your last try push with:

$ mach try again

If you want to re-push a task config a little further down the history stack, first you need to figure out its index with:

$ mach try again --list

Then run:

$ mach try again --index <index>

Note that index 0 is always the most recent try_task_config.json in the history. You can clear your history with:

$ mach try again --purge

Only the 10 most recent pushes will be saved in your history.