Chooser Selector

When pushing to try, there are a very large amount of builds and tests to choose from. Often too many to remember, making it easy to forget a set of tasks which should otherwise have been run.

This selector allows you to select tasks from a web interface that lists all the possible build and test tasks and allows you to select them from a list. It is similar in concept to the old try syntax chooser page, except that the values are dynamically generated using the taskgraph as an input. This ensures that it will never be out of date.

To use:

$ mach try chooser

This will spin up a local web server (using Flask) which serves the chooser app. After making your selection, simply press Push and the rest will be handled from there. No need to copy/paste any syntax strings or the like.

You can run:

$ mach try chooser --full

To generate the interface using the full taskgraph instead. This will include tasks that don’t run on mozilla-central.