Release Selector

This command configures the tree in preparation for doing a staging release, and pushes the result to try. The changes that that are made include:

  • Updating the version number.

  • Applying the migrations that are done as part of merge day.

  • Disabling repacking most locales. (This can be disabled by passing --no-limit-locales).

For staging a beta release, run the following (with an appropriate version number):

$ mach try release --version 64.0b5 --migration central-to-beta

For staging a final release (rc or patch), run the following (with an appropriate version number)

$ mach try release --version 64.0 --migration central-to-beta --migration beta-to-release

Once the decision task is on the push is complete, you can start the release through staging ship-it instance[1].


If pushing from beta or release, the corresponding migration should not be passed, as they have already been applied.