Preferences and Defines

User Preferences


This determines whether the Glean SDK is enabled. It can be controlled by users via about:preferences#privacy. If this is set to false from true, we send a “deletion-request” ping and no data collections will be persisted or reported from that point.

Test-only Preferences


If set to a value port which is greater than 0, pings will be sent to http://localhost:port instead of If set to a value port which is less than 0, FOG will:

  1. Tell Glean that upload is enabled, even if it isn’t.

  2. Take all pings scheduled for upload and drop them on the floor, telling the Glean SDK that it was sent successfully.

This is how you emulate “recording enabled but upload disabled” like developer builds have in Firefox Telemetry. When switching from port < 0 to port >= 0, Glean will be told (if just temporarily) that upload is disabled. This clears the stores of recorded-but-not-reported data. Defaults to 0.

telemetry.fog.test.activity_limit telemetry.fog.test.inactivity_limit

This pair of prefs control the length of time of activity before inactivity (or vice versa) needed before FOG informs the SDK’s Client Activity API that the client was (in)active. Present to allow testing without figuring out how to mock Rust’s clock. Their values are integer seconds. The value -1 is treated as no limit (never trigger (in)activity). Defaults to 120 (activity), 1200 (inactivity).

Internal Preferences


Read-only. This pref is true only if MOZ_ARTIFACT_BUILDS was set during configure. If true, JOG is enabled so that artifact builds will exhibit changes to their Glean metrics.



If set, and GLEAN_SOURCE_TAGS isn’t set, FOG will set a Glean source tag of automation and FOG will disable the submission of “metrics” pings.

If GLEAN_SOURCE_TAGS is set, the automation source tag will not be added automatically.

If not set, any tags set by GLEAN_SOURCE_TAGS will be present.


If set, the Glean SDK is assumed to be managed by something other than FOG, meaning:

  • GIFFT is disabled.

  • FOG doesn’t initialize Glean

  • FOG doesn’t relay (in)activity or experiment annotations to Glean


If unset, we set a glean_disable_upload Rust feature in gkrust and gkrust-shared which is forwarded to fog_control as disable_upload. This feature defaults FOG to an “upload disabled” mode where collection on the client proceeds as normal but no ping is sent. This mode can be overridden at runtime in two ways:

  • If the ping has a Debug Tag then it is sent so that it may be inspected in the Glean Debug Ping Viewer.

  • If the preference telemetry.fog.test.localhost_port is set to a value greater than 0, then pings are sent to a server operating locally at that port (even if the ping has a Debug Tag), to enable testing.

MOZILLA_OFFICIAL tends to be set on most builds released to users, including builds distributed by Linux distributions. It tends to not be set on local developer builds. See bug 1680025 for details.


If MOZ_ARTIFACT_BUILDS is set in the build config, JOG will generate a file for the runtime-registration of metrics and pings. This is to support Artifact Builds.

See also telemetry.fog.artifact_build.


If not set to 'Android' we set a glean_million_queue Rust feature (see gkrust-features.mozbuild) which, when passed to the Glean SDK, opts us into a preinit queue that doesn’t discard tasks until there are 10^6 of them.

See bug 1797494 for details.