Updating glean_parser

Project FOG uses the glean_parser to generate code from metric definitions. It depends on glean-parser from pypi.org

To update the in-tree glean-parser change the version in third_party/python/requirements.in, then run

./mach vendor python


Important: the glean_parser and all of its dependencies must support Python 3.5, as discussed here. This is the minimum version supported by mach and installed on the CI images for running tests. This is enforced by the version ranges declared in the Python installation manifest.

Version mismatch of the Python dependencies

The logic for handling version mismatches is very similar to the one for the Rust crates. See Updating the Glean SDK for details. However, updating Python packages also requires to think about Python 3.5 (and Python 2, still) compatibility.

Keeping versions in sync

The Glean SDK and glean_parser are currently released as separate projects. However each Glean SDK release requires a specific glean_parser version. When updating one or the other ensure versions stay compatible. You can find the currently used glean_parser version in the Glean SDK source tree, e.g. in sdk_generator.sh.

Using a local glean_parser development version

To test out a new glean_parser in mozilla-central follow these steps:

  1. Remove glean_parser from the user-wide virtual environment. This can be found in a path like ~/.mozbuild/srcdirs/gecko-f5e3b9c6ded5/_virtualenvs/mach/lib/python3.10/site-packages/glean_parser Note that the gecko-f5e3b9c6ded5 part will be different depending on your local checkout. Remove all directories and files mentioning glean_parser

  2. Remove glean_parser from the build virtual enviromment. This can be found in $MOZ_OBJDIR/_virtualenvs/common/lib/python3.6/site-packages/glean_parser. Note that $MOZ_OBJDIR depends on your local mozconfig configuration. Remove all directories and files mentioning glean_parser

  3. Copy the local glean_parser checkout into third_party/python/glean_parser. E.g. cp ~/code/glean_parser $GECKO/third_party/python/glean_parser.

You should now be able to build mozilla-central and it will use the modified glean_parser. You can make further edits in $GECKO/third_party/python/glean_parser.