Ecosystem Telemetry (obsolete)

This module transmits Ecosystem Telemetry from Firefox Desktop. It is only sent for Firefox Account users, using a single ping type “account-ecosystem”


You might like to read the background information on Ecosystem Telemetry

The existing telemetry client id is not submitted with the ping, but an “ecosystem client id” is - this has the same semantics as the existing client id, although is a different value, and is not sent in any other ping.

An anonymized user ID is submitted with each ping - read more about these IDs and how they’re designed to safeguard user privacy

A reduced Telemetry environment is submitted in the ping, as described below.


In an effort to reduce the possibility of fingerprinting, we only provide the following environment subset:

  settings: {
    locale: <string>, // e.g. "it", null on failure
  system: {
    memoryMB: <number>,
    os: {
        name: <string>, // e.g. "Windows_NT", null on failure
        version: <string>, // e.g. "6.1", null on failure
        locale: <string>, // "en" or null on failure
    cpu: {
      speedMHz: <number>, // cpu clock speed in MHz
  profile: {
    creationDate: <integer>, // integer days since UNIX epoch, e.g. 16446
    firstUseDate: <integer>, // integer days since UNIX epoch, e.g. 16446 - optional

account-ecosystem ping

  "type": "account-ecosystem",
  ... common ping data
  "environment": { ... }, // as above
  "payload": {
    "reason": <string>, // Why the ping was submitted
    "ecosystemAnonId": <string>, // The anonymized ID, as described above.
    "ecosystemClientId": <guid>, // The ecosystem client ID as described above.
    "duration": <number>, // duration since ping was last sent or since the beginning of the Firefox session in seconds
    "histograms": {...},
    "keyedHistograms": {...},
    "scalars": {...},
    "keyedScalars": {...},


The reason field contains the information about why the “account-ecosystem” ping was submitted:

  • periodic - Sent roughly every 24 hours

  • shutdown - Sent on shutdown

  • logout - Sent when the user logs out

histograms and keyedHistograms

This section contains the Histograms that are valid for the account-ecosystem ping, per process. The recorded histograms are described in Histograms.json, marked with the account-ecosystem store.

scalars and keyedScalars

This section contains the Scalars that are valid for the account-ecosystem ping, per process. Scalars are only submitted if data was added to them. The recorded scalars are described in Scalars.yaml, marked with the account-ecosystem store.

Send behavior

Without an account


When a user logs into Firefox Accounts, this ping is submitted as described in “With an account” below. No ping is immediately sent.

With an account

The ping is submitted; roughly every 24 hours with reason periodic. On shutdown this ping is submitted with reason shutdown.

If the user logs out and disconnects the account, this ping is submitted with reason logout. While logged out, no pings will be submitted.