“optout” ping (obsolete)

This ping is generated when a user turns off FHR upload from the Preferences panel, changing the related datareporting.healthreport.uploadEnabled preference.

This ping contains no client id and no environment data.


  version: 4,
  type: "optout",
  ... common ping data
  payload: { }

Expected behaviours

The following is a list of expected behaviours for the optout ping:

  • Sending the “optout” ping is best-effort. Telemetry tries to send the ping once and discards it immediately if sending fails.

  • The ping might be delayed if ping sending is throttled (e.g. around midnight).

  • The ping can be lost if the browser is shutdown before the ping is sent out the “optout” ping is discarded.

Version History

  • Firefox 63:

    • “optout” ping replaced the “deletion” ping (bug 1445921).