“anonymous” ping


This ping is no longer sent by Firefox or Fennec.

This ping is only for product survey purpose and will not track/associate client ID. It’s used to evaluate custom tab usage and see which app is using our custom tab.

Submission interval & triggers Since this ping is used to measure the feature usage, it should be sent each time the client app uses our custom tab.

Dataset: Only opt-in users will send out this ping. Since all other pings will collect client ID. We need this custom ping to not do that.

Size and volume: The size of submitted payload is small. And this custom ping should be deprecated after it’s released for 6 months.

Privacy: We won’t collect customer information so there’ll be no PI leak.

Data contents: The content of this ping will let us know which app is using our custom tab. Just like other feature usage measurement, we only need it for opt-in users (which consider as heavy users).


  "payload": {
    "client":  <string> // The package name of the caller app.
  type: <string>, // "anonymous", "activation", "deletion", "saved-session", ...
  id: <UUID>, // a UUID that identifies this ping
  creationDate: <ISO date>, // the date the ping was generated
  version: <number>, // the version of the ping format, currently 4

  application: {
    architecture: <string>, // build architecture, e.g. x86
    buildId: <string>, // "20141126041045"
    name: <string>, // "Firefox"
    version: <string>, // "35.0"
    displayVersion: <string>, // "35.0b3"
    vendor: <string>, // "Mozilla"
    platformVersion: <string>, // "35.0"
    xpcomAbi: <string>, // e.g. "x86-msvc"
    channel: <string>, // "beta"

Field details


It could be com.example.app, which is the identifier of the app.

Version history

  • v1: initial version - Will be shipped in Fennec 55.


There’s no option in this custom ping since we don’t collect clientId nor environment data.