Common ping format

This defines the top-level structure of a Telemetry ping. It contains basic information shared between different ping types, which enables proper storage and processing of the raw pings server-side.

It also contains optional further information:

  • the environment data, which contains important info to correlate the measurements against

  • the clientId, a UUID identifying a profile and allowing user-oriented correlation of data

Note: Both are not submitted with all ping types due to privacy concerns. This and the data it that can be correlated against is inspected under the data collection policy.

Finally, the structure also contains the payload, which is the specific data submitted for the respective ping type.


  type: <string>, // "main", "activation", "optout", "saved-session", ...
  id: <UUID>, // a UUID that identifies this ping
  creationDate: <ISO date>, // the date the ping was generated
  version: <number>, // the version of the ping format, currently 4

  application: {
    architecture: <string>, // build architecture, e.g. x86
    buildId: <string>, // "20141126041045"
    name: <string>, // "Firefox"
    version: <string>, // "35.0"
    displayVersion: <string>, // "35.0b3"
    vendor: <string>, // "Mozilla"
    platformVersion: <string>, // "35.0"
    xpcomAbi: <string>, // e.g. "x86-msvc"
    channel: <string>, // "beta"

  clientId: <UUID>, // optional
  environment: { ... }, // optional, not all pings contain the environment
  payload: { ... }, // the actual payload data for this ping type